Officers/Executive Committee

Jeannette Paladino

Marketing and Communication Team Leader 

Joan Endrizzi

Vice President
Team Leader, Member Activities

Carole Schwartz

Recording Secretary

Elaine Foster


Donna Maytham

Past President
Sustainability Team Leader

Board Members

Cecilia Condor

Collection Team

Betty Ferguson

Membership Team Leader

Carol Hirschburg

GroundWorks Team Leader

Stephenie Frasher

Docent Team Leader

William (Bill) Rusling

Exhibit Site Team

John Lindsey

Technology Team Leader

Patricia Taylor

Team Leader, Workshops

Advisory Board Members

Todd Engelhardt

Cumberland Advisors

Marjorie Floyd

Strategic Marketing Resources

Pat Golemme

Sarasota Ballet Board Vice President

Katherine Martucci

Selby Gardens Board Member; Children First President

Cheryl Mendelson

Van Wezel Foundation CEO

Mark Ormond

Art Historian and Curator

Andy Sandberg

Hermitage Artist Retreat Artistic Director and CEO

Ariel Serrano

Sarasota School of Cuban Ballet Director

Jim Shirley

Sarasota Arts and Cultural Alliance Director

Waddy Thompson

Author and La Musica Board Member

Miriam Wallace

Chair, Division of Humanities, New College

Dr. Christopher Wilson

Ringling College Architecture and Design Historian

Frank Martucci

Investment Advisor for the Hintzpeter Bequest

Member Activities and Team Leaders

Member Activities and Programs Team

Educational Tours Team Leaders: Teresa Kravitz, Carole Schwartz
Workshops Team Leaders: Judy Levine, Priscilla Adams
Programs Team Leaders: Rennie Carter, Nancy Roucher
Salons Tour Leader: Laura Feder

Collection Team

Team Leaders: Judy Levine, Donna Maytham
Team: Teresa Carson, Jerry Chesley, Joan Endrizzi, Tonya Eubank, Bo Galford, Meg Krakowiak, Evelyn Levin, Judy Levine, Miqui Lora, Lucy Melbourne, Petra Ratner, Barb Sander, Marjorie Sayer, Sarah Skebba, Sandy Williams
Docents Team Leader: Stephenie Frasher

Communication, Marketing, Website, and Social Media Team

Newsletter Team Leaders: Joan Golub, Joan Correa
Marketing Team Leader: Jeannette Paladino
Publicity Team Leader: Kelly Fores

Sustainability Team

Coordinator: Donna Maytham


Team Leader: Betty Ferguson
Mentoring Team Leaders: Martha Ballard, Priscilla Adams
New Member Campaign: Waddy Thompson, Jeannette Paladino

Fundraising and Finance 

Fundraising Team Leaders: Waddy Thompson, Donna Maytham
Finance Team Leader: Carol Hartz
Team: Martha Ballard, Cynthia Burnell, Joan Endrizzi, Tonya Eubank, Marjorie Floyd, Louise Tesmer


Scholarships Team Leaders: Tonya Eubank, Debra Altshul-Stark
Community Outreach Team Leader: Open
Education Task Force: Judy Levine, Nancy Roucher



“A picture is a poem without words.”


Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Inc.
PO Box 1432
Sarasota, FL 34230-1432

The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Inc. is a “501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Organization licensed in 1969 – a charity for Education/School Systems services.”
The organization promotes, encourages, supports and generally furthers the best interests of the arts in Florida and in particular, recognizes, honors and perpetuates the fine arts, creative products and works of Florida artists.

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services at or by calling toll-free 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.